Terms & Conditions


Participation in or purchase of any Design Hotels ™ event or service must first be approved by your Account Manager in writing before it can be considered confirmed. Wishlist submissions made on this portal shall be regarded only as an intent to participate, but do not constitute a purchase commitment nor do they guarantee inclusion/delivery on their own.

Some services require a duly signed order form. Once ordered, a Design Hotels ™ product or service shall only be deemed contractual after being confirmed by Design Hotels™ .

For most products & services you may use your Annual Marketing Fee (AMF). In that case the participation or service fee will be automatically deducted from the AMF. Service that cannot be paid from the AMF and will be invoiced separately include, but are not limited to: shipping & handling costs for publications, preferred partnerships, consortia packages, as well as the trade fairs LE Miami, Further East, and Pure Marrakech.


Cancellation policy

Unless stated differently, SERVICES (i.e. newsletters, campaigns, destination promotions, etc.) may only be cancelled six and EVENTS (i.e. DS Affairs, Exchanges, Sales Missions, Trade Fairs, Original Experience events, DS Fests, etc.) eight weeks in advance without any cancellation fees. Thereafter, the full participation fee will be invoiced.

Some products and services are subject to additional terms and conditions which are stated on the individual product details page. Cancellations shall be made in writing and are also subject to the individual cancellation policies.


Facts & figures

Descriptions of certain products and services contain facts and figures that are based on averages and pertain to varying time periods. The results of any individual hotel in the system could vary from those specified on this portal. Facts and figures are presented without representation or warranty and are subject to change without notice, and were deemed correct when presented.



Upon receipt of an official registration, Design Hotels™ will check availability and reconfirm participation in the event.

Design Hotels ™ reserves the right to change event dates and / or cancel an event due to lack of hotel participation. In that case, Design Hotels ™ will inform all participants immediately.

Design Hotels ™ will not assume liability for any travel arrangements made by the hotel. Design Hotels ™ also reserves the right to cancel the participation of a hotel in case of a breach of the standard payment terms, including failure to make the requested advance payments.

Event participation fees are non-refundable, unless an event was cancelled by Design Hotels™ . In that case the participation fee will be credited to the AMF account.


Technology partner deals

Specifics of preferred pricing deals with 3rd parties are presented without representation or warranty and are subject to change without notice, and were deemed correct when presented. Upon interest, contract terms shall be negotiated and agreed to directly with the respective partner, Design Hotels™ only acts as the facilitator (only exceptions being iDeaS and STR). Actual pricing and contract term might differ based on individual agreements between the parties.


For further information, please contact your Account Manager.