Welcome to the Membership Services Portal 2020!

Building upon the success of our ongoing sales initiatives and activities, we have created additional opportunities and added new destinations. To maximize the benefits you can reap from our event formats, we are bundling together activities in certain regions to create what we call “DS Affairs”. This will allow you to pick and choose what format and client mix suits your property the most, as well as letting you schedule your own additional appointments with ease and flexibility.

Other new developments for next year that we are excited to introduce are our dedicated revenue management service, our website optimization consultancy, and preferred pricing deals with leading technology partners. These will assist you in building a strategy to drive more traffic to your website, reaching a higher conversion, thus, increasing your direct bookings.

These new partner deals complement our existing perks that all staff at our member hotels have access to.

For detailed information about these new developments, as well as our existing offerings, browse through this portal or contact your Account Manager for further consultation. To help you utilize it most effectively, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this new platform to your benefit:

Step 1: Select the appropriate filters

On the overview page, you can filter our offerings according to your location, type of property, and target market, as well as by specific services of interest. By setting these preferences, you will be directly guided to the services that are most relevant to you. If, however, you would like to have a global overview of all the services, you can find them grouped under four main tabs: Travel Trade, Consumer, Media and Brand.

Step 2: Learn more about the services

The services that are relevant to your property are now displayed. You can learn more about each, including their benefits, costs, reach, and exposure; plus, you can see them in action.

Step 3: Compile your items of interest

Now that you are more familiar with the services most relevant to your property, you can add them to an “Items of Interest” list. (Note: Some services require you to select from a drop-down menu before you can actually add it to your list.)

Step 4: Send it off to your dedicated Account Manager for consultation and review

You can now review your selections, and then send them on to your dedicated Account Manager for consultation.

Step 5: We will follow up and come back to you to finalize your action plan

Your Account Manager will consider your requests and then reach out you to finalize your action plan. We will take into account your interests and evaluate them to ensure that are maximizing your exposure across our many channels and platforms.

Ready to get started?